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Shunjie HQ

Shunjie Headquarter is envisioned to incorporate key office functions with green technologies using daylight in the building as a strategy for passive design.

The Main reception holds anchor to a suspended “glass box” above, stretching 5 floors with functions including meeting rooms, break-out discussion and pantry spaces. Its backdrop of wood strips and green-walls are symbolic of a Sequoia Tree branching from the ground through the skylight above. Extending beyond, an abundance of foliage realized the concept into reality as it bleeds off onto the roof garden. This “Tree of life” serves as shelter to recuperate, invigorate and stimulate.

Each floor sets back to give importance to this glass encasement while allowing precious light to penetrate and enliven the habitat below.

The water feature over the skylight remains a main foci point on the roof garden. While letting sun through, a gradual display of light effects enlivens the workspaces below.

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